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Our trusted, friendly experienced staff have made sure that we are the best in the East Midlands. We offer our services all over the UK from Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. We only use the latest equipment and technology making sure that each of our projects is completed to the highest standard.

At Rapid Home Improvements it is imperative to us that you, the customer fully understands our product and its many benefits it can give to your home. Our goal is to help you get an even better return on your investment year in year out while protecting your property at the same time.

With all products made in Britain with British Accreditation, we regard ourselves as reliable, honest, approachable and respected. Please find time to go through our products & our case study pages so that you can get a real understanding about how our spray foam insulation works and to see the advantages that our products can bring your home/project.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have so you can get a better insight into spray foam insulation. It's due to these reasons that we have a reputation for exceptional service and professionalism.

We at Rapid Home Improvements are a spray foam insulation contractor and seller dedicated to providing the highest quality insulation products and solutions, to meet the ever-increasing demands in today’s environment. We aim to not only reduce your energy bills but bring you products that can be installed with ease. Our products and services are available across the East Midlands which covers Nottingham, Leicester and Derby.

In an uninsulated home, around 25% of heat is lost through the roof. Our insulation products and solutions can also help keep your home warm and safe, making it a healthier home to live in.

Our products are made in Britain and provide our customers with complete design freedom, as our spray foams adapt to the shape of the substrate. This provides an ideal solution for insulating difficult areas such as curved and profiled roofs. The use of loft insulation can reduce heat loss by reducing the movement of air upwards. The fibres of the insulation can also prevent trapped air from circulating and causing convection currents. Take a look at our product range and case studies for more information

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