About Spray Foam

At Rapid Home Improvements, we believe choosing the right material is as important as investing in insulating our buildings in the first place. There is little point doing it if the insulation can’t offer good enough performance to really make a difference, or isn’t going to do a good job in the long term. We want the best for you not only for you but for your home also, serving across the East Midlands including Nottingham, Leicester and Derby.

Energy Savings and Climate Protection

One of the major industrial challenges of our time is climate change. Science, business, industry and politics are currently being called upon to slow down any rise in greenhouse gas emissions and use available resources more efficiently. Property owners have a concern with our energy conservation measures and the costs that are entailed. The materials and technologies that are required, have been available for some time and can be very cost effective. Investing in thermal insulation pays for itself in less than ten years. Get on board today with Rapid Home Improvements!

Thermal Insulation

In the future, new and old buildings will be very largely subject to energy saving and environmental protection requirements. The focus is on thermal insulation and sealing of buildings and roofs for these future homes.

Product Features

  • Roof Foam
  • Spray foam insulation is perfect for spraying in the roof
  • It expands to close off any gaps in the roof
  • Ensures you get the maximum level of heat retention
  • Remain flexible & never loses its shape
  • Fiberglass Foam
  • Fiberglass insulation is one of the less expensive product installations
  • Doesn’t shrink, nor does it settle demonstrably over time
  • Fiberglass insulating products do not burn and do not attract animals