Spray Foam Insulation is widely used in industrial and commercial settings, in structures such as factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, showrooms, football stadiums, offices, industrial units, shops and even religious buildings. At Rapid Home Improvements, we provide spray foam for commercial properties, and it is one of the best insulation methods on the market.

Many commercial buildings in the UK are not properly insulated. Because of this, non-insulated properties pay more in utility bills to keep their properties insulated throughout the year but will lose valuable heat because of the lack of insulation.

If your building has condensation problems, roof insulation is an effective solution that can be the answer, rest easy with the knowledge that your stock and machinery are well protected from condensation. Please see a few reasons below on why this product can help your commercial building;

Economical investment
For businesses, utility bills can be a significant drain on your earnings with the costs rising every year, it doesn’t get any easier. By choosing Rapid Home Improvements we help with this issue. After your insulation, you will notice your building will be warmer and that it costs less to heat up your building.

Better working environment
Nobody enjoys working in a cold building especially with cold spells, and it can be frustrating if the heating is on but the building is still cold. Spray foam will help to block out harmful factors like pollutants, dirt and dust.

Protects Your Building
Spray foam offers commercial buildings from a wide range of outdoor elements but is also great for protecting buildings against the infection of pests, and its solid-state will prevent burrowing into your property and pests setting up a nest. spray foam will offer a protective barrier.

This product also offers building structural support, perfect for older properties with weakened structures.