Frequently Asked Questions

We are frequently asked questions about our spray foam installations and products; if you haven’t seen your particular question being answered here and you’d like more information please take a look at our products pages or contact us by telephone or email and we will get back to you.

What savings can i expect to make ?

Save over 50% on your heating bills

Will it increase the value of my home ?

Most likely, data tells us it Increases the value of the average UK house by 3% (~£10,000)

What are the differences between closed and open cell foams?

Polyurethane foams are plural-component products that have been engineered on a molecular level for a specific purpose and application. Roofing foams that are externally applied tend to offer smoother surfaces and higher compressive strengths, while spray foams from walls framed from timber and between rafter roof insulation, tend to offer faster reaction rates, higher yield and superior insulation values.

What about mould?
There are three things mould needs to grow: a food source, moisture and warm temperatures. Polyurethane insulation foam has no nutritional value and is not considered a food source for mould. The use of this insulation eliminates condensing surfaces and reduces the potential to accumulate moisture.

Are there any special handling considerations?
Always use personal protective equipment, all contact with eyes and skin should be avoided and do not inhale the vapours of the hardener.