Installing Your Roofline

The Survey

One of our experienced surveyors will come and take accurate installations measurements and confirm your requirements.

From the survey, we take photographs of your property’s elevations, detail right of way and asses the requirements for specialised access equipment.

The Installation

The first row of tiles is carefully removed to reveal the old felt. The old guttering, fascia’s and soffit are safely removed and the felt trimmed back. Now the end of the rafters is ready to be inspected.


We check the condition of the rafters ends and strengthen them by cutting and fitting new noggins. The new noggins are cut from pressure treated timber. All work at this stage will be accurately checked to ensure correct sight lines.

Mounting new fascia

The repair rafter ends can accept the new fascia boards and these are held to the rafters with marine grade stainless steel pins which ensure a long-lasting hold.

We then mount the new guttering of your choice to the fascia using stainless steel fixings. The run of guttering is checked before fixing and downpipes are installed as required.

Re-Tiling the Roof

The roof tiles are replaced in position ensuring the Bird Guard us working correctly to prevent access by birds and vermin.


When the installation is complete, we thoroughly check the installation including all the fixings and give your new fascia a wipe down. Finally, we carefully remove all the access equipment and take up the protective tarpaulins to leave your property and garden just as we found fit except for your new Rooftrim.